Your Journey

My standard journey - Spain to UK, or UK to Spain - takes around 3 days (2 nights). I find that this is the optimum travel time, bearing in mind your pets' welfare and safety, and the need for proper exercise breaks, rest and sleep - for pets and humans alike. This is aimed at being an enjoyable experience for all concerned - not an endurance test!

Apart from the standard journey, I travel to any country in Europe and also to many other countries outside Europe that are accessible by car. Recent clients have travelled to or from: Belgium, Bulgaria, The Channel Islands, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Holland, Ibiza, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mallorca, Malta, N.Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

I supply all the cages and equipment necessary for the journey, to ensure your pet's complete comfort and safety.

Overnight stops are at pet-friendly, reasonably-priced hotels - where you will always be able to take your pets into the room with you.

For trips to, and from the UK, PetChauffeur crosses the Channel with Eurotunnel - which takes just 35 mins and you remain with your pets throughout the crossing - or by one of the many ferry routes available, if you prefer.

UK mobile (+44) 7544266394
Spain: landline (+34) 952197187
Spain mobile (+34) 696233848