Animal Transportation Licence

E.U. legislation for Legal Pet Transportation

Are you aware that, according to EU law, animal transporters must hold an Authorisation Licence? This is to protect animals – including your pets – against rogue travel operators who have neither the skill, nor the concern for animal welfare, to be trusted to transport animals without due care and attention for their safety and well-being.

PetChauffeur holds both the 'Autorización para los Transportistas' (Animal Transporter Authorisation) and the 'Certificado de Aprobación de los Medios de Transporte' (Vehicle Authorisation Permit) which are legal requirements, according to EU legislation. This ensures validity of the insurance policy which also includes a comprehensive pet insurance and public-liability cover.

Quoted From

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

"Guidance Notes on Transporter Authorisations

From 5 January 2007, anyone transporting any live vertebrate animals inside the European Union on journeys of over 65 kilometres (approximately 40 miles), as part of an economic activity, must hold a valid Authorisation to do so. This is a requirement of EC Regulation 1/2005 (subsequently referred to as ‘the Regulation’) which came into force on that date, and is applicable across the European Union. A copy of the Regulation may be found on the following link:

There are two types of Authorisation:

  • A Short journey Authorisation (Type 1) for journeys over 65 km and up to and including 8 hours duration;

  • A Long journey>Authorisation (Type 2) which covers both long and short journeys.

Transporters must carry either their Authorisation Certificate or a copy of it whenever transporting animals."


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