About Your Pet Chauffeur

Having been brought up in South Wales and then in South Devon, I moved to the Málaga area of southern Spain in 1973, and have lived there - and loved it - ever since.

From early childhood I have always had a love for animals and the outdoor life, and so I very easily managed to have numerous pets. Apart from my horse, dogs, cats, hamsters, tortoise, hedgehogs, budgies and goldfish, I also managed to acquire slowworms, lizards (including a three-legged one!), birds with broken wings and various insects etc etc! No doubt I was the despair of my family, as I kept bringing home half the wildlife of the neighbourhood that I thought was in need of my TLC!

Since living in Andalucía, I spent eleven years working in the film production industry, driving crew, agency, models and artists to and from film locations — and still hold a clean driving-licence after more years than I care to remember! It was then I found that I really enjoyed long-distance driving, getting out-and-about and travelling from one country to another ...

So, that brought me, some thirteen years ago, to decide to combine together the two things that I really love ... and I set up PetChauffeur - and the rest is history!


Please be aware that .. PetChauffeur is a fully independent business and does not work in association with any other pet transport or pet procuring businesses. I am personally in contact with all of PetChauffeur's clients and I never do business or arrange pet transport via third party agents or other businesses.



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